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CGL Calvenzano Park/

CGL Calvenzano Park

  • Location

    ►The asset is located in Calvenzano, within the BreBeMi (A35) market, 40 km east of Milan and 55 km west of Brescia.


  • Features

    ►Milan is the economic capital of Italy and the most established Italian logistics market.

    ►Lombardy region has a well diversified economy with a unique position within Italy, representing approximately 25% of the country’s GDP.

    ►The property is situated in the strategically located East Milan BreBeMi Market. A growing logistics corridor driven by its close proximity to Milan (within 1 hour) and more affordable rents compared to established markets such as the A4.


  • Structure

    The unit features a cold storage specification for the stockpile of pharmaceuticals, including separate rooms guaranteeing temperature-controlled environments of up to -196°C.

    120 parking spaces,and 22 loading docks with 5 ground-level vehicle entrances. 9-10m free height, 5 tons of floor capacity.


  • Property Manager

    Sławomir Rogowski


    +48 691 380 553



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