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CGL Westpoint Park/

CGL Westpoint Park

  • Location

    ►The property is located in the epicentre of the harbor area of Amsterdam.


  • Features

    ►The Port of Amsterdam is in the top 5 largest ports in Europe and is the 2nd largest in the Netherlands. It is a gateway to the rest of Europe due to its excellent connections with the wider European/Dutch transport infrastructure.

    ►The total logistics stock in the Groot-Amsterdam region is approximately 2.8 mil sqm and therefore by size the Amsterdam-Schiphol main port is one of the largest logistics clusters in the Netherlands.

    ►Approximately 47,000 people work in the area, resembling 10% of the total employment opportunities in Amsterdam. The wide and extensive employment pool is one of the many factors that attracts occupiers to the area.


  • Structure

    Building 1 is of modern construction. Additionally, the cross-dock has a free height of 4.5-6m and a floor capacity of 2.8 ton per sqm. 110 docks, 1 cell and 85 parking spaces.

    Building 2 consists of 12 separate units, currently leased by one tenant. The building has a ‘saw-tooth’ elevation, free height of 8.2m and a floor capacity of 2.8 ton per sqm. 46 docks, 12 cells and 24 parking spaces.


  • Property Manager

         Mark Wong


         +852 3578 8803



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