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CGL Fontanar Park

  • Location

    ►Fontanar is a municipality located 12 km north of Guadalajara, which is the capital city of the autonomous region Castilla - La Mancha, 71 km from Madrid city centre.


  • Features

    ►The asset is located in La Piconera industrial area, a 15 minute drive from Guadalajara city centre and an hour drive from Madrid city centre.

    ►The property is directly accessible from the CM1008 regional road, which is directly connected to the R-2 motorway and makes the location well sought after by logistics operators.

    ►La Piconera is a growing logistics area with modern buildings. Companies like C&A and TXT have established their distribution centres in close proximity to the subject property.


  • Structure

    The asset is divided in three connected modules, of which the central one is the largest that can work as independent ones.

    These modules are only connected through one door each. Free height in the warehouse area of 11m.

    The property has 32 loading docks located on one of the long facades. The unbuilt area of the plot allows for easy maneuvering.

    88 parking spaces,5 tons of per sqm floor capacity.


  • Property Manager

    Alfredo Domingo


    +34 91 031 66 15



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