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CGL Pedrola Park

  • Location

    ►Pedrola is a municipality located 35 km north west of Zaragoza, which is the capital city of the autonomous region of Aragon.


  • Features

    ►Situated in a strategic urban logistics location, 34km from Zaragoza city centre, the 5th most populated city in Spain with in excess of 660,000 inhabitants.

    ►Pedrola has direct access from AP68/A68 highways (Bilbao-Zaragoza) and is situated only 31 km from the A2 motorway (Madrid-Barcelona).

    ►Pedrola is also approximately 35km from Zaragoza Airport and 31 km from Zaragoza’s main train Station.


  • Structure

    It comprises a 7m free height, metallic structure, isolated roof, wide track yard and a floor capacity of 2.5 tonnes per sqm.

    Consists of one consolidated building separated by a single dividing wall across the width of the structure, with two gates that separate the internal areas.

    The northern section of the building is used for manufacturing, whereas the southern section comprises storage and distribution space.

    34 parking spaces,8 docks and both have offices,bathrooms and changing rooms on the 1st and 2nd floors.


  • Property Manager

    Alfredo Domingo


    +34 91 031 66 15



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